bsi compact

  • Product development / formulation (cosmetics, skin care, hair care, hygiene, medical device and more)
  • Product conception
  • Scale-up and support, production
  • Stability tests, challenge tests
  • Regulatory support (PIF, CPNP, safety assessment)
  • Raw material distribution and consulting
  • Technical consulting

More than 20 years experience. For other inquiries, please contact us.


Emotions generate ideas, ideas result in implementation. Our implementation is your success. Everything is subject to change within time. Human-being, health, society, business, fashion, everything is in a permanent process of change.

As reflection of society, cosmetic is an expression of this change. The customer's request for effective cosmetics requires ever more complex concepts in pulse of time. In this context BSI Beauty Science Intelligence GmbH provides holistic solutions for players in the cosmetics market.


    Beauty as a sensuous manifestation of an idea

    As an ongoing process of knowledge-search

    Complex tasks require a holistic implementation